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High net-worth divorce involves X-Men actor

Massachusetts cinema buffs may be interested to know that couple James Marsden and Lisa Linde recently filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage. Marsden is known for his roles in X-Men and Straw Dogs. His wife is the daughter of Dennis Linde, who was the country songwriter who penned Elvis’ 1972 hit “Burning Love.” Although a representative for Marsden claims the decision is mutual, high net-worth divorces are rarely a clean process. Despite the comments of Marsden’s representative, Linde filed the divorce documents citing “irreconcilable differences.” She is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their two children. They share a 6-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy. However, even when divorce is based on a shared decision and mutual respect, it often still results in a tangled web of issues. Here, the couple was married for 11 years with two children. As such, the divorce will necessarily involve complex property division and child custody issues. Linde is also seeking spousal support, which may prove contentious. The couple has probably already retained separate legal counsel, which is highly advised in cases like these. An experienced divorce attorney can prove invaluable in a high net-worth divorce due to the complexity of issues involved. The attorney may also be able to ensure that the result is fair and reasonable and in accordance with the wishes of the client. Indeed, any couple in Massachusetts and elsewhere seeking or considering divorce may benefit from consulting with an attorney. Except in a few rare instances,

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