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Attorney David M. Gabriel

Attorney David M. Gabriel is an experienced family law attorney and litigator. David has been representing individuals and families throughout Massachusetts for over three decades in:

  • Family law matters including divorce, complex and high asset property division, alimony modifications,  high conflict child custody disputes, and divorce mediation.
  •  Criminal defense charges including assault and domestic violence, and drunk driving an DUI/ OUI charges.
  • Personal Injury claims involving car accidents, premises liability, negligent security,and workplace injuries.

Attorney Gabriel’s decades of litigation experience have afforded him with a mature perspective in handling legal matters in and out of the court room. He knows that the treacherous waters of a court room may prove unbearably harsh to the inexperienced or the unwary.

Attorney Gabriel has developed excellent trial skills over the years and is extremely knowledgeable concerning the law and rules of evidence. This is the hallmark of a skilled litigator. David represents clients in court on a daily basis. He is adept at navigating through the probate, district and superior court systems and is well respected in the legal community among his peers, judges and court personnel. David and his team understand the necessity of extensive preparation and how preparation translates to a position of strength at trial and throughout the negotiation process. David and his team are committed to representing clients to the best of their ability and to providing quality legal services to the community. David is described by clients and peers as knowledgeable, thorough, diligent and passionate.

David’s role as your personal advocate extends far beyond the court room. He is present with you each step of the way; guiding you through the process, listening to your concerns and ensuring that your voice and your perspective is heard. No concern is too big or too small. David and his team recognize that clients are often in crisis and require compassion, understanding and guidance. David and his team take the time to keep his client’s informed throughout the process.

David and his team are experienced in working with experts in various fields in preparation for trial and settlement negotiations, including certified public accountants, business appraisers, pension appraisers, actuaries, vocational experts, economists, security experts, real estate appraisers, psychologists, physicians, chiropractors and nurses.

David has had the pleasure of speaking at a number of educational and informative engagements dealing with litigation, alimony, divorce, and custody and asset valuation.

Attorney Gabriel is a member of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys, the Greater Newburyport Bar Association, and the Essex County Bar Association where he has served as a member for more than a decade. He is also a trained, certified mediator, as well as a Guardian ad litem (GAL Investigator / Evaluator) in Massachusetts,  and is licensed to practice law in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

David served as a member of the Essex County, Suffolk County, Worcester County and the Middlesex County Bar Advocates for almost two decades, dedicating his time and efforts to the less fortunate members of our community in need of legal assistance. He has published on such matters as divorce, mediation, and alimony reform.

David prides himself on his professional, insightful approach to analyzing and exploring each and every possible angle of your case. He employs an honest, sensible approach to handling each case. He treats each case as if it were his own case. Attorney Gabriel delivers results.

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