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You were so helpful. You were the right person to bring us along in our thinking and understanding of divorce law. You could broker Middle East peace talks : ) Once again, I appreciate all your help. I would highly recommend you.
Mediation Client
I’m not sure how to thank you for your kindness, legal guidance, friendship, & humor but no other person could fill your shoes! With much gratitude.
North Andover, MA
Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for your efforts these past few months. I came to you with what seemed like a completely untenable situation and you resolved it relatively quickly and painlessly. You didn’t just listen to me but you really heard my concerns. I especially appreciated your candid and sage advice. Your masterful negotiations actually yielded a better outcome than I had expected.
Eileen O
Salem, MA
I lived out of state and needed an excellent divorce attorney to represent me in MA for an alimony modification that went to trial. I went on the internet and chose 4 attorneys to interview with by phone. After the interviews, I chose to select David to represent me. Why? During the interview, David was always down to earth, representing various views and opinions of which way my case could go and why. He did not make any promises but informed me of potential outcomes and what we would need to do in order for those outcomes to be realized. David made me feel at ease and I felt comfortable on the phone with him. I felt like my alimony modification trial would be in good hands with David. When I finally met David in person, my perceptions were confirmed. He and his staff comprise a team that are knowledgeable, helpful and professional. We worked through various approaches to the trial and what would be possible outcomes. At times, my personal emotions were pushing me to pursue particular actions but David convinced me that we need be logical and factual to secure the outcome that was in my best interest. The pre-trial preparation work was thorough. David and his team were able to subpoena all of the pertinent records necessary for a comprehensive analysis of the facts. This gave us the ability to understand the situation, all angles to the trial approach, and enable us to determine the way forward in the trial. I say "us" as David kept me up to date and engaged at all times. When it came to the trial, David did an excellent job to ensure my credibility was established during the trial and facts relevant to me were disclosed. David was methodical and detailed in questioning the complainant and was able to get facts and situations revealed during the trial that helped him get a judgement delivered in our favor. At the end of the day, David delivered a result that was better than we had anticipated! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work and results delivered by David and his team. I highly recommend him as an attorney for you that is dedicated to giving you the best representation possible. As a result of the high level of satisfaction I have received from David, I am using David and his office for other legal services as well. Regards,
Lynnfield, MA
If you are looking for an attorney to represent you in matters of child custody, matters of equity, and matters of the law with compassion and heart, look no further than Attorney David M. Gabriel. Throughout my thirty months of litigation and eventual trial, David Gabriel always looked out for my best interests, and the outcomes that I desired. He carefully navigated through any challenge that came my way and knew how to handle the situation without reservation. Always on top of things, Atty. Gabriel was honest, forthcoming, and communicated with me every step of the way. If I did not understand something, he had the patience and understanding to explain the situation to me, to allay my fears and concerns. When in the courtroom, Atty. Gabriel was professional, knowledgeable, on time, and prepared! He and his associate, David Broderick, work extremely well together. They understand how the legal system works, and most importantly, how to respond to what other attorneys may try to do. He knows when to be aggressive, and the experience to move on if necessary. It is not enough, however, to rely on one’s own experiences. Throughout my courtroom challenges, David Gabriel knew when he needed to rely on other legal experts in their field to bolster my defense. He was confident in the witnesses he called on to depose and testify. He, of course, efficiently prepared me for what I needed to know while on the stand. David Gabriel is also aware of what a judge may want to hear, and what to disregard. He will not waste time in the court room. Atty. Gabriel gave me sound counsel and advice throughout my ordeal and was able to get me the quality time I desired with my daughter. After all was said and done, my child’s best interests were always paramount to me and to Atty. Gabriel. Let the truth be known, if you are a responsible working career- minded parent who loves your child(ren) you will have to pay “child support” whether you are “happily married” or involved in divorce situation; but these situations are all temporary, and circumstances change, they always do; and when they do Atty. Gabriel will be ready to adapt to the situation with patience, understanding, and professionalism. He and his staff worked wonderfully together and saved my home and my future with my child, and for that I am truly grateful. While living on a teacher’s salary is not easy, the Law offices of David M. Gabriel worked with me all the way and gave me the time I needed to make things right. They were fair and honest. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but it is comforting to know that you have experienced, well-respected legal representation who will fight for you all the way. Thank you Atty. David M. Gabriel, Atty. Broderick, and Paralegal Rachel Morandi for all your hard work and dedication. Sincerely,
Marblehead, MA
When it comes to matters of custody, in most states and possibly more so in MA, fathers find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Such is my case and so the journey began with a simple request I made of my ex-wife for more time with my children. What ensued, what transpired, no one could imagine, predict or even survive without expert legal advice, strategic planning, and character. But where do you start? How does a father or anyone for that matter find an attorney? Opening the yellow pages, searching on-line or listening to word of mouth are good places to start. I chose a path less traveled while at the court house and simply asked employees which attorney had integrity, which attorney was respected by judges, which attorney had morals and ethics and would not lower themselves to underhanded tactics? In this sea of choices, who consistently demonstrated character? I received one and only one response. The name was Attorney David Gabriel. But, please continue to read. You are here, evaluating, searching, for specific reason. I cannot stress enough the diligence you must place into this decision, this selection, and this moment. Your outcome, your verdict, your life and the lives of your children and all that love you will be affected. Choose ever so wisely. Attorney David Gabriel won a reversal of custody including full physical and legal custody of my two children; this after seven years of the reverse. The process was long, demanding, mentally, morally and ethically challenging as well as fraught with uncertainty and anxious moments which at times seemed to be endless. Without Attorney David Gabriel and his dedicated staff, including Attorney Dave Broderick, I do not believe I would have prevailed. That one moment of fate, that one moment of searching has led us in to one of the most trusting, professional and caring relationships anyone could hope for, not to mention I am talking about a client attorney relationship. Surprising isn’t it? I do not know of any one that uses those exemplars when discussing attorneys. The waters of family court can be treacherous, unpredictable, unrelenting, and you will need a guide, a mentor and a friend to survive with your sanity, your dignity and your family intact after running the gauntlet of, what was for me, a highly contentious custody case with twist and turns so sharp it was difficult to say the course. You will need the loving support of your family and especially that of your current wife and your children’s stepmother should there be one as is my case. Without her, without Attorney Gabriel’s willingness to involve, include and embrace and dialogue with my children’s stepmother, my wife, I may not have endured. David Gabriel spent many hours talking with us, at times even what seemed to be talking us "off the bridge." Taking the high road will often create these frustrations. Stay the course, stay on the high road. Attorney Gabriel supported my many years of the traveling the high road, he understood the challenges of dealing with unfounded accusations, libel, slander, devious strategies deployed by others and above all David Gabriel understands the humanity, emotions and frustrations of the process. He was compassionate when need and firm when warranted. David Gabriel dedicated himself and his staff to our case while deftly balancing, with precision, his other case loads. I do not doubt, not even for a moment, that he affords all his clients his best efforts. I very well understand the temptations to partake in activities that are unscrupulous, underhanded, and downright mean, hurtful and certainly not in the best interest of children. And I do not speak only of litigants but also of attorneys. I can say with conviction and two years of trial preparation and experience that Attorney David Gabriel does not and will not lower himself to these actions and his sage counsel is the same for his clients. Chose wisely. I recommend without hesitation, and with experience, Attorney David Gabriel.
Gloucester, MA
Attorney David Gabriel is a top notch divorce lawyer. He was able to negotiate an agreement everyone involved could live with. It it my pleasure to endorse his services.
Rockport, MA
Dear Attorney Gabriel, Joseph has been meaning to send you a thank you card but he has been very busy, so I am sending if for him. He is working full time and has enrolled in North Shore Community College. With the money he got from his settlement he got himself a shiny new Mazda 3, that is one of the reasons he wished to thank you, but you did so much more for us than that. Your excellent legal representation saved Joseph’s life. If he had a record or had been incarcerated he would most likely not be who he is now. People often joke about lawyers and refer to them in cruel ways. It’s too bad too because you are such an exceptional human being. Thank you!
Lisa & Joseph
Peabody, MA
David, Bill and I and Dan can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did for Dan. We appreciate it beyond words. Thanks Again.
Mary C
Burlington, MA
Dear Mr. Gabriel: I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the professional, yet down-to-earth manner in which you recently represented me. You answered all of my questions both thoroughly and truthfully. This was my first time ever being in a situation where I needed the honest and straight forward advice of an attorney, after a first DUI offense. You carefully advised me of my options and then represented me in a very professional and aggressive manner, resulting in the best outcome I could have hoped for in my situation.Thank you again. My mother and I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of legal advice and services. Sincerely,
Peabody, MA
I came to know about Attorney Gabriel through my son, who had Attorney Gabriel represent him. My son won his case with the expertise of Attorney Gabriel. I remembered how Attorney Gabriel took care of my son. I needed an attorney for a complaint for contempt against my former husband for failure to pay alimony in family court. I hired Attorney Gabriel. Throughout the proceedings he kept me informed. Any questions I had were answered. He never kept me in the dark. If I didn’t understand certain legal matters that arose in my case he would explain the matter until I fully understood. He always put me at ease. He was extremely thorough in handling every aspect of my case. He had uncanny insight in knowing what information had to be sought after that I would have never thought of without him. He never allowed the other party to waste my time or money. His diligence, persistence and thoroughness not only won me my case, but more than I ever expected. We went to trial. The judge awarded me over $100,000.00 in alimony and over $31,000.00 in attorney fees. Attorney Gabriel is an exceptional attorney who cares. He has always been there for me. I couldn’t imagine having any other attorney represent me should I ever need one again.
Stoneham, MA
I had lost custody of my daughter when she was about eight years old. I was afraid I would never get her back. I hired Attorney Gabriel. He got her back for me in about a month. He’s terrific.
Wakefield, MA
My ex-husband stopped paying for my health insurance after he remarried and tried to convince the court that the way our divorce agreement was written, he should not have to pay. Attorney Gabriel convinced the judge otherwise. He saved me over 14,000.00.
Danvers, MA
If you are looking for a professional, hard working, and compassionate lawyer, look no further than Attorney David Broderick. I cannot say enough about David. I was in a very rough place before I met Attorney Broderick. After having false charges brought against me, I called different lawyers to see what my options were. Most of the replies I got were not satisfactory to me because, as a teacher, I could not afford to have any criminal activity on my record. It was not until I called David Broderick that I started to have hope. As I explained my situation to David, he listened intently and non-judgmentally. He understood the importance of my occupation and told me what my options were. He explained that in order to get the outcome I wanted, I would have to be patient and trust him. Even though I was eager for an immediate conclusion, I decided to be patient and to trust. Boy am I glad I did!! I am happy to say that after taking the time to go through the legal process, he got the case dismissed! Not only did David get the result that I wanted, but he did so in such a professional, caring, and determined way. I felt so comfortable asking him questions and discussing different aspects of my life that affected the progress of the case. I couldn’t have imagined getting through it all without him. Because of that, I would recommend David Broderick without hesitation to anyone looking for a trustworthy, dedicated and results-driven lawyer. Simply said, he’s awesome 🙂
Beverly, MA
David & Rachel, We really appreciate the work you did for us in the custody case. We are delighted with the outcome.
Kay & Rob
Wenham, MA
I have an immense amount of gratitude and respect for David Gabriel and David Broderick, who helped me through a difficult divorce and custody situation in 2013. They are compassionate, kind and caring. Even better, they really know what they’re doing. Their deep experience and expertise with the people and processes associated with Essex County family and criminal court systems was invaluable. They helped me navigate through what felt like an extremely foreign landscape. I always felt confident that I was in good hands with them. And while my ex-husband may be one of the most challenging characters to negotiate with on the planet, David and David ultimately got me the custody and divorce agreement terms that were what I needed to feel like my daughter and I could have a clean and fresh start. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them to help me through such a trying time. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for them as people and attorneys. They know what they’re doing, take their work seriously. and have good hearts. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney on the North Shore. David Gabriel and his firm will be my go-to for many years to come. Thank you!
Beverly, MA
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