Car Accidents

10 Causes of Car Accidents in Massachusetts

Every day there are over 17,000 car collisions in the United States. On average, those crashes result in 92 deaths each day. While poor weather conditions and faulty roads can cause accidents, most auto collisions are due to driver errors. When we research the reason behind the car accidents, we should all drive safer. Here is a list of the top 10 causes of auto collisions in the United States. 1. Drunk Driving: In the U.S., drunk drivers kill 28 people every day (whether it’s themselves or another person). Those who drive while intoxicated (DWI) cause 35% of traffic accidents in the U.S. 2. Fatigued Driving: Studies show that those who drive while tired are just as dangerous as intoxicated drivers. Fatigued drivers cause about 3% of all traffic accidents, most of which occur at night. Like DWI, fatigued driving is completely avoidable. If you drive at night and see a car swerve in and out of lanes, stay as far away as possible from the car and call 9-1-1. 3. Distracted Driving: Dealing with distractions while driving is deadly. How often do you find yourself trying to change a CD, put on your makeup, eat, or adjust the controls on your vehicle as you drive? Car accidents caused by distracted driving make up about 5% of car crashes. 4. Use of Mobile Phones: Talking on your cell phone is a level of distracted driving all on its own. Every year, the number of car crashes caused by cell phone

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If you are involved in a car accident, Be Prepared

Being involved in a car accident can be one of the most stressful times in the lives of you. It’s crucial to be prepared if you are involved in a car accident. If you have the misfortune of being injured in a motor vehicle accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. Indeed, if you or anyone is injured in an accident, steps should be taken to summon the police to the accident scene so that first aid or emergency treatment can be rendered. It is also important to obtain information concerning the other parties involved in the motor vehicle accident as well as obtain the facts concerning how the car accident occurred. The information you should obtain includes: • the identity, including name, address, telephone number, driver’s license information of all involved parties, operators or witnesses; • the registration and motor vehicle license plate number of each vehicle involved, as well as descriptive information such as make, model and year of the vehicles; • the automobile insurance carrier of each motor vehicle involved in the car accident (not the insurance agent); • the date, time, weather conditions and location of the car accident, including reference to stop signs, traffic lights and intersections; • a pictorial description of the accident scene with directions of travel of all involved vehicles is most helpful. You must report the accident to your automobile insurance carrier and agent as soon as possible. This should certainly be done within one (1)business day of the car accident.

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Been in a motor vehicle accident and have whiplash?

Neck pain from a car accident may be the result of whiplash, also known as Whiplash Associated Disorder (or WAD). WAD is caused by a sudden jolting that occurs in the shoulders and the neck, most often a result of automobile accidents. Car accidents are a traumatic event. In a rear-end accident, the force caused by the impact propels your body forward with your head lagging a split second behind. The inertia from the impact moves throughout the body, causing a rubber banding affect that results in whip lash. In that instant your ligaments, muscles, and tendons can become torn. If you are unsure about your legal rights and need advice from a whiplash / neck injury lawyer, contact The Law Offices of David M. Gabriel and Associates to discuss your rights. Whiplash is tricky to identify, because the symptoms may take days to appear after an accident. One reason symptoms may be delayed is due to adrenaline and cortisol release after a collision. These hormones mask pain and cause a numbing effect that may last well beyond the collision. Once these pain numbing hormones leave your system, the true damage that has been caused remains. These injuries may require medical treatment. The symptoms you experience may range from mildly annoying and irritating to severe and disabling. Common Whiplash Symptoms of WAD • Tinnitus: Also known as a constant ringing in your ears • Discomfort caused by back pain • Issues with your vision including blurred vision • Vomiting or

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Being overtired can cause deadly accidents

When people consistently do not get proper sleep, their physical and cognitive performances slip. This is especially apparent behind the wheel of a vehicle as sleepiness slows reaction times. Although it is difficult to count precisely the number of car accidents in Massachusetts caused by drowsy drivers because it cannot be tested for like alcohol or drug use, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSB) attributes thousands of crashes a year to it. These types of crashes tend to be very serious because the driver was unable to respond, unlike other situations in which conscious drivers attempt to avoid collisions. Also, accidents on high-speed roads, such as highways like Route 128, 93 or 90, where people often travel long distances have a likelihood of resulting in a drowsy driver. When a person is injured in a car accident, he or she could miss work, incur high medical bills and, in the worst situations, suffer permanent disability. If the negligence of another driver caused the accident, then the injured person might be able to win compensation with a personal injury lawsuit. Speaking with David M. Gabriel & Associates could help a person learn about the damages he or she might be able to recover. Attorney Gabriel might also be able to identify evidence of negligence in an accident investigation that would support a lawsuit.

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Stop yourself from driving distracted

One of the biggest dangers on Massachusetts roads today is distracted driving. With so many things competing for a driver’s attention, it’s no surprise distracted driving accidents are on the rise throughout the U.S. As states pass laws to curb dangerous driving behavior, safer choices behind the wheel can prevent distracted accidents from ever happening. According to a joint study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the most common cause of accidents was due to cell phone use. To protect yourself and others, take the following steps provided by the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA): Turn it off. Cell phones are at the top of the distraction list, taking a driver’s eyes, hands, and attention away from the road. Before starting the car, turn your cell phone off or switch it to silent mode. Prepare before you go. If you are traveling to a new location, be sure to review the directions beforehand to have a clearer idea of where you are headed, even if you use a GPS device. Focus on driving. No matter how many years of driving experience you may have, it is never a good idea to multi-task behind the wheel. Avoid texting, drinking, eating, grooming, or smoking until you’ve reached your destination. Many families in Massachusetts have lost loved ones in auto accidents that could have been avoided if the other driver had simply paid attention to the road. If you have been injured or lost someone you care about in a distracted

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