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Why did I get my license taken away for an Immediate Threat?

If your license was removed for an immediate threat, it typically means there is some sort of precipitating factor that lead the Registry of Motor Vehicles (hereinafter “RMV”) to issue a suspension. In some cases, the suspension is discretionary, meaning that the RMV thinks that your operation of a motor vehicle poses an immediate threat to public safety. The RMV can revoke without notice for an infinite period. Some statutes require the RMV to enforce a mandatory suspension, such as: conviction of a criminal motor vehicle violation, administrative actions regarding alcohol or drugs, conviction of a drug offense with intent to distribute, a suspension issued in another state, and many others. If your license is revoked due to an immediate threat, you would receive notice to your address on record. Additionally, in most cases you are entitled to a hearing with the RMV. A lot of clients ask how they can just revoke the license without any hearing or conviction first. The most important thing to understand with RMV issues is that driving is a privilege and not a right. The RMV operates on a different system than our traditional court of law system. In the court system, you are innocent until proven guilty, but in an RMV system, your license can be taken away and on a later date you can refute the claims and hopefully reinstate your license. If you find yourself in a situation where your license was removed for an immediate threat, call David Gabriel &

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