Father’s rights argued in custody battle over daughter

Massachusetts fathers may be interested in the details of a custody battle currently happening in a southeastern state. A man there is fighting a local adoption agency to regain his father’s rights and win custody of his young child. The 3-year-old girl is currently living in Massachusetts with the people who are hoping to adopt her once the case is resolved.

The man says he did not consent to the adoption. He claims it was arranged by his ex-wife without his permission. Reports suggest that the woman lied to the adoption agency and told them she was unmarried, even though that was not true. Other documents allege that the man abandoned his daughter — a claim the man says is also false.

Representatives for the adoption agency say that the man was granted visitation rights but has not taken advantage of them. The man argues that he’s tried unsuccessfully to make arrangements with attorneys to see his child. Now he wants custody.

The man’s battle has resulted in an alliance that initially seems incongruous. His former mother-in-law says the man deserves to have custody of his daughter. So far, the court has not ruled in favor of either party.

The man still retains his parental rights. Unless those rights are severed officially by the court, the family who wants to adopt the little girl cannot do so. The man vows to continue his fight.

A father’s rights should not be taken lightly. By taking an aggressive legal stance, the man is doing everything he can to be a constant presence in his child’s life. Many Massachusetts fathers can sympathize with his plight.

Source: wftv.com, Brevard father fights adoption agency to regain custody of daughter, No author, Jan. 21, 2014

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