Actress Hillary Duff agrees to shared custody with ex-husband

Most parents, regardless of gender or what they do for a living, want the best for their offspring. Fame does not change that, whether a person works in Hollywood or Massachusetts. If the couple can agree on the terms, shared custody can often be the ideal way to raise any children they might have.

Actress Hillary Duff and her husband, a former hockey player, have agreed to share custody of their young son upon completion of their divorce. Duff and her husband were married just under four years. They have a son that is nearly 2 years old.

Duff confirmed recently that she and her husband have separated. The actress’ mother told a gossip website that the two plan to file for divorce in the near future but stresses there is no animosity between them. She reportedly said the two are better at maintaining a friendship than they are a marriage.

A spokesperson for Duff confirmed that the couple had agreed to separate. Despite the end of their marriage, they plan to continue their friendship. They both are committed to providing a loving home for their child and ask fans to respect their need for privacy during this time.

The approach Duff and her husband are taking to determine how to best raise their son is one that many Massachusetts couples have also implemented successfully. Shared custody is not an area in which success comes easily and without effort. If, however, both parents can work together and focus on what their children need, success is certainly possible.

Source: National Ledger, Hilary Duff Divorce 2014 Update – Agrees to Joint Custody with Ex Husband Mike Comrie, No author, Jan. 12, 2014

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