Property division tips for Massachusetts couples

One of the most stressful aspects of a divorce is the process of dividing marital assets. This is understandable, considering that the results of the property division process will have a great deal of impact on each spouse’s financial stability in the years to come. Many Massachusetts couples struggle with property division concerns, and are unsure how to proceed once the decision has been made to end the marriage.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when divorce is on the table is that the process of dissolving a marriage is, at the most basic level, a business transaction. While there is an undeniable emotional component to divorce, it is imperative that each spouse is able to focus on the decisions at hand in as objective a manner as possible. When it comes to divorce, emotions are best left out of the equation.

A related issue that can lead to divorce trouble involves crumbling under pressure. There are bound to be times at which one’s grace and composure will be tested, However, losing control of one’s emotions and lashing out will only serve to weaken that individual’s position. While it can be a challenge, try to handle each situation with a calm head and an even keel.

In many cases, Massachusetts spouses who experience a difficult divorce are in large measure responsible for that scenario. A wide range of property division problems can be avoided by simply removing the emotional charge from various situations surrounding a divorce. It is easy to make mistakes and experience lapses in judgment when under pressure, especially when emotions take control. Those spouses who can remove their emotions from the decision-making process will experience a more favorable outcome.

Source: The New York Times, Power of 10 | The Secrets of an A-List Divorce Attorney, Julie Earle-Levine, Sept. 27, 2013

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