Emotional health a serious component of father’s rights

For men in Massachusetts who are struggling over child custody concerns, there is evidence to suggest that serious harm can come from failing to adequately address one’s emotional needs. A recently released study took a look at the physical and mental health effects that divorce can bring. The results suggest that men in particular have reason to be concerned. Those who are engaged in a fight for father’s rights should take note of this research, and make a concerted effort to get the care that they need and deserve.

The study, published in the Journal of Men’s Health, found that men who have divorced or are unmarried have a mortality rate 250 times that of men who are married. In many cases, premature death was caused by heart disease, stroke or hypertension. In addition, the rate of suicide among divorced men was 39 percent higher than that of married men. Divorced men were even more likely to suffer from the common cold.

These findings make a significant statement about the health effects that can come from stress. Men who are going through a divorce or child custody battle should heed the unspoken warning that these and similar statistics provide, and make every effort to care for their physical and emotional well-being. Our society projects men and fathers as being tough, strong and invincible. In reality, however, the emotional trauma of a significant life event such as divorce can harm both men and women.

For Massachusetts men who are struggling with divorce or father’s rights issues, it is important to take the time to care for one’s own needs. As parents, we are so used to attending to the needs of others that we forget to address our own health and happiness. However, becoming another of these type of statistics does no good to the children that are left behind. Perhaps by looking at the matter from this perspective, more fathers will see that being healthy and happy is one of the best things that they can do for their children.

Source: Huffington Post, Divorce Can Have Serious Impact On Men’s Health, New Research Finds, No author, Sept. 30, 2013

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