Mobile DNA testing service could assist in paternity claims

Many men, in Massachusetts and beyond, have doubts concerning the paternity of their children. In the past, DNA testing was either not readily available or was prohibitively expensive, leaving many men with little recourse other than to simply wonder. However, one business innovator has created a mobile DNA testing service that could assist men in ascertaining the validity of paternity claims.

The man behind the service is the owner of a DNA and drug testing clinic. He decided to expand his business by outfitting an RV to serve as a mobile testing unit. The side of the vehicle is emblazoned with ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ in eye-catching lettering.

Because technology has advanced so rapidly in the field of genetics, DNA testing services can be obtained for as little as $299. For many purported fathers, this is well worth the value of certainty when it comes to paternity. In addition, having the service available in such a quick and convenient manner allows the fathers of very young children to obtain a DNA screening with a high degree of confidentiality.

For those Massachusetts men who find that they are not in fact the fathers of the child or children in question, an informed decision can be made concerning any paternity claims made by the mother. If an existing child support order is in place and the man wishes to challenge it, having proof that one is not genetically linked to a child is the first step in that process. No matter the outcome of a DNA screening, the peace of mind is generally well worth the expense of the test itself.

Source: The Uptowner, “”Who’s Your Daddy?” Van Peddles Paternity Tests,” Elizabeth Stuart, Oct. 26, 2012

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