Celebrity custody relocation ruling a win for fathers’ rights

In Massachusetts and across the nation, men continue to struggle with issues related to the care and custody of their children. Although the American legal system has come a long way in recognizing the essential role that men play in the lives of their children, many fathers still face an uphill battle in family court. One recent celebrity fathers’ rights case is making headlines, and represents a legal scenario that many fathers face.

Movie star Halle Berry and former partner Gabriel Aubry recently ended a long and contentious custody battle over their 4-year-old daughter. That fight flared up again when Berry asked the court for permission to relocate with her daughter to France. The actress argued that she and her child would be safer in France due to the fact that two men who had stalked and threatened her are now free.

Aubry argued that such a move would lead him to have limited access to his daughter. He stated that Berry’s intent was to estrange the two. A judge agreed with Aubry, denying the motion and putting a stop to the move. There is no word on whether the actress plans to appeal the ruling.

Many Massachusetts parents face similar circumstances, although often to less glamorous locations. When a custodial parent wishes to move a child or children out of the area where the other parent resides, the issue can often lead the former couple back to family court. This scenario is not uncommon, and is a serious issue in regard to fathers’ rights. Multiple studies have illuminated the essential role that fathers play in the lives of their children. Retaining the ability to be a regular part of their lives is central to maintaining that relationship.

Source: ABC News, “Halle Berry Not Allowed to Move to France with Daughter, Says Report,” Luchina Fisher, Nov. 12, 2012

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