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Spousal support and child support in Massachusetts

When a Massachusetts marriage ends in divorce, the financial fallout can lead to a drastic change in budgeting for both sides. Child support and spousal support are among the most pressing concerns for many. Regardless of whether an individual expects to pay or receive either form of financial support, the way that the numbers work out will have a big impact on their future. Understanding how the payments are likely to be structured is a top priority during the early stages of a divorce. While there are a number of online resources that claim the ability to calculate alimony and child support payments, the best source of information about these matters is one’s Massachusetts divorce attorney. For those spouses who expect to make these payments, the first step in calculating the estimated payment amount is to provide the attorney with a comprehensive accounting of one’s income, as well as any income earned by the other spouse. It is vital to provide bank statements, recent tax returns, retirement account information and any other relevant financial information. For those spouses who expect to receive child support and/or alimony, the same information is required. It may also be helpful to have a list of any expenses for children. These expenses could include private schooling costs, tutoring or other expenses that fall outside the realm of general living expenses. Using this information, the attorney can provide an estimate of how much income a spouse can expect from child support and alimony. As with any

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