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Yankees Manager Headed for a Divorce

Residents of Massachusetts might be interested to know that the rival of their popular baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, experienced some sad news on the divorce front this week. The wife of the general manager (GM) of the Yankees, Brian Cashman, has filed for divorce, says a recent report from the Associated Press. The GM’s soon-to-be-ex wife filed papers for divorce in Stamford, Conn. No doubt after the divorce proceedings progress, more facts will filter to the public. It is unknown at this time if spousal support will be pursued by Cashman’s wife. This move to file for divorce, which is likely to be like other high asset divorce cases that consider the financial needs of the couple, occurs only one day after prosecutors charged another female with stalking the Yankees GM and trying to extort money from him regarding an affair outside the marriage. This news report indicated that Mary Cashman’s lawyer offered no comment and that Brian Cashman’s lawyer also had nothing to say about the case. According to the report, the name of the woman who was charged with harassing Cashman had threatened to damage his public image if he did not fork over thousands of dollars. The lawyers for the accused woman also denied this allegation, claiming that Cashman changed when the relationship between them had soured. It remains to be seen whether future developments in the Brian and Mary Cashman divorce case will shed more light on any relationships that might have existed between

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