Same-sex divorce terms must be carefully considered

As bad of a situation as divorce can be, there are some people who are just thankful that they have the chance to legally end a legal marriage, including a same-sex marriage. In fact, same-sex marriage legalization coincides with a drop in teen suicide rates, which shows the results of empowerment. Same-sex couples have fought long and hard to be able to get married. With that right comes the right to divorce. For these individuals, the legal protections they have are the same as those of a same-sex couple.

We know that you might feel like you are walking a new path if you are in a same-sex marriage and need to get divorced. We can help you to learn about how the divorce will work in your case. There are some special considerations that we will need to work with you to address. One of these is child custody if you and your spouse had children together.

Just like other divorce cases, same-sex divorce cases also have to deal with property division. Massachusetts laws govern how property is divided if the court handles the division. As an alternative method, you and your ex can work together to come to terms about who gets what and other matters related to the divorce. Once an agreement is made, the court will need to approve it.

Some same-sex couples have prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. In these cases, the agreement lays out the foundation for the property division settlement. Whether you have a prenuptial agreement or not, we can help you to walk down the road to a new life while helping you to protect your interests.

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