What areas have the highest divorce rates in Massachusetts?

Overall, Massachusetts has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country. Only seven states rank lower than we do. Almost 10 percent of all adults in Massachusetts are divorced, according to the Census Bureau, and another 2 percent are separated.

However, the city and possibly even the zip code where you live just might have something to do with your chances of getting divorced. Some areas of Massachusetts have considerably higher divorce rates than the state average.

Following are the 10 with the highest percentages of divorced adults:

— One part of Fall River (the 02723 zip code) comes in first at 17.7 percent.

— Hyannis is second at 15.8 percent.

— N. Adams is close behind at 15.6 percent.

— The 01604 zip code of Worcester is fourth at 14.4 percent.

— Just behind it is Newburyport at 14.2.

— Pittsfield ranks sixth at 13.7 percent

— Gardner and Taunton are tied for seventh at 13.5 percent

— Another section of Fall River (02720) is eighth at 13.4 percent

— Amesbury and Athol are tied for ninth at 13.3 percent

— The 01605 zip code of Worcester ranks tenth at 13 percent.

Divorce rates can vary even within one city, as we see with Fall River and Worcester, let alone within a state. Even if you feel like no one else is in your shoes, you can be assured that many people are.

Often having a therapist or even a support group to turn to during a divorce can help you deal with the anger, frustration and other emotions that come with the process. Your family law attorney can recommend sources of support as well as financial and tax professionals who can help you with the many decisions you’ll be making during and after the divorce.

Source: WCVB Channel 5, “10 communities in Massachusetts with the most divorcees,” accessed Feb. 06, 2017

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