Lower back pain a lingering effect of many car accidents

Muscle wear and tear causes pain: The lower back is actually the most common site of back pain and injuries when people experience the types of traumas that collisions on the road can cause. When the muscles and ligaments that hold the bones in the spinal column in place become strained or torn, they weaken and may not be able to stabilize the spine correctly. This process is the ultimate cause of lower back pain.

Don’t delay examination when pain persists:

Those who experience lower back pain in the wake of a bus or car accident should seek medical attention immediately to determine the exact cause of the pain. A precise diagnosis frequently requires a thorough medical exam, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and CT scans. These extra tests may only be needed if the pain doesn’t go away on its own or with conservative treatment. Treatments range from ice or heat to prescription pain medications and extended physical therapies, with the precise treatment approach tailored to the patient. Studies have also proven that resting in bed beyond a day or two may actually be counterproductive to recovery.

Moving on may be difficult:

For some car accident victims, lower back pain lingers, preventing them from resuming everyday activities such as work and caring for children. When other parties are responsible for such injuries due to their failure to adhere to the required duty of care, they may be legally responsible for medical bills, pain, suffering, and other damages. To pursue such claims, victims must not only properly document their medical conditions, they must also prove the pertinent legal elements to establish the liability of other parties.

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