Helping car accident victims find compensation

Motor vehicle accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, and anyone can be an accident victim in any state, including in Massachusetts. Determining what caused an accident and who was at fault take time, but injuries require immediate medical attention.

In a severe car accident, a person can suffer serious injuries that lead to permanent disability. In some car accidents, people die. No matter how severe or deadly the injuries may be, victims and surviving family members do more than suffer physically and emotionally; they also suffer financially.

My law firm is based in Beverly Massachusetts and has been helping car accident victims and their families seek damages for years throughout the the Salem area, and the entire North Shore. We attempt to help our clients obtain compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and other liabilities allowed under Massachusetts law for accidents caused by the negligence of other people.

David M. Gabriel and Associates have helped clients receive compensation for serious injuries such as brain injuries, back injuries, and lasting emotional distress that result from car accidents. For families who have lost loved ones, we have recovered compensation through wrongful death lawsuits. Our firm is committed to helping our clients obtain compensation to help them move on with medical treatment and recovery or mourn the loss of loved ones.

We understand the pain and agony our clients are going through. We know they are often in fragile emotional and financial states, so we take no fees from clients until we recover compensation for them. We make sure our clients understand the legal complexities so they know where they stand and what options are available to help them achieve their legal goals.

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