Real estate holdings can impact property division

When you have amassed considerable assets, the last thing that you want is to lose those assets if you get divorced. In a high-asset divorce, there are many factors that come into the picture when it is time to divvy up the assets. If you are facing a divorce and have real estate assets, there are some special considerations that you have to take into account.

One of the top priorities is that you need to have the properties assessed. This is done by a Realtor and will give you an estimate of what the property is worth. Once you know that information, you can determine the actual value of the property by subtracting any loans that include the property as security.

We know that many people are still trying to recover from the financial crisis that occurred. This means that some people might have properties that are in distress or have negative equity. We can help you to determine how those properties should be handled during the property division process.

Once we know the value of the properties, we can determine how the property should be classified. This can involve looking into when the property was acquired, as well as how the expenses for the property were handled. It can also include the terms of a premarital agreement if there is one in your case.

We also have to consider other assets that you own. We also must consider debts. Once we have all the financial information, we can help you to explore the different possibilities for how you can keep your financial state intact throughout the divorce.

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