Key components of a good parenting plan

A good parenting plan is one that involves both parents. Over the years, fathers’ rights have increased to a certain degree where this is concerned, but it’s still important to look at a few key things that can help create a plan that is best for the child.

1. Both parents need to be involved. This involvement needs to be stable and consistent.

2. Both parents can contribute to their child’s life in meaningful, tangible ways.

3. The routine is fairly structured so that the child knows the schedule and can count on it. It’s also important for parents to stick to the schedule once it has been made.

4. Caregivers should be used as little as possible. Of course, daycare and other such things are sometimes necessary, but it’s best for children to be with their parents.

5. The existing relationships that the child has should not be cut off. This also goes for activities that the child enjoys.

6. The parents should communicate well and strive to cooperate. Both need to work together for the good of the child, rather than working against each other.

7. The rules that the parents use need to be consistent from one house to the next. Not only does this help the child respect the rules, but it also avoids a situation where one parent enforces rules and the other doesn’t, potentially making the child prefer the parent without the rules.

These are just a few key points to keep in mind. If you’d like to learn more about fathers’ rights and parenting plans in Massachusetts, please visit our site today.

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