Mediation is a good route for property division in Massachusetts

Even if you were the party who initiated the process, going through a divorce is often one of the most painful and stressful events in a person’s life. You must suddenly find a new way of living, split all assets fair and equally and, if you have children, make child support arrangements. Though most people set out to make their divorce as civil and stress-free as possible, the process often ends up spawning many disagreements. One of the best ways to work through a divorce in Massachusetts is mediation. This can be great for settling the division of assets and property.

Mediation is a route that is used to come to agreements that work for both parties without the need of a lengthy courtroom process. When a divorce case goes to court, property division is placed in the hands of the judge. This judge, more often than not, does not know the divorcing parties on an individual basis. Property that is important to you might be lost.

Going through mediation lets you have half the control over what happens to the property that you previously co-owned with your ex-spouse. The two of you will sit down together with a professional mediator and outline goals so that you can seek solutions.

By the end of the mediation process, assets will be fairly divided in a way that both parties agree with. This removes a great deal of time and stress. If you are going through a divorce, mediation might be the best route for property division. For more information, it may be beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney.

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