High net worth divorces present unique challenges

A divorce is often stressful enough by itself even before the spouses begin to sort through which assets should go to whom. The longer a couple has been together, the more challenging the question of asset distribution can become; and when the spouses have participated in activities like running a family business, a high-asset divorce can become quite contentious.

Part of the reason why the division of assets in a high-end divorce can be so difficult is because of the varied nature of the assets. Business properties, extremely valuable property items, bank accounts, retirement funds and even hidden assets can all come under consideration. Given that Massachusetts is what the law refers to as an “equitable distribution” state, the allocation of assets is not formulaic but rather depends on the concept of “fairness”. And what may seem fair to one spouse may not seem so fair from the perspective of the other.

Going through a high asset divorce can lead to many questions, and David M. Gabriel & Associates can help to provide practical and insightful answers and assistance to our clients. Whether you need assistance in crafting a divorce settlement agreement that is as balanced and as fair as possible to both sides, or if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse cannot seem to agree on anything and you need someone to advocate vigorously on your behalf at trial, our combined experience with Massachusetts family law matters means that we can customize our legal representation to best suit your individual needs.

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