Addressing complex property concerns during a divorce

While many Massachusetts divorces can be contentious as property division is discussed, some situations are more challenging because of the complex nature of marital and other assets. Business interests, stocks, real estate, and other issues may require particularly careful analysis to determine value and status as marital or separate assets. Those of you who hold executive positions, own your own companies or have a high net worth may find these issues to be particularly significant during divorce proceedings.

An effective approach to property division begins with accurately valuing assets. Tax consequences should also be considered as certain funds are evaluated. In addition to determining the value of retirement resources, professional bonuses, stock options, and bank accounts, it is important to evaluate collectible items, antiques, and other physical belongings of value. Real estate and closely held businesses should also be evaluated.

With an accurate value of the marital estate, it is possible to work toward setting attainable goals related to the property division phase of the divorce. The principle of equitable distribution is a guiding factor through this process. A fair division of assets is often determined by a judge, meaning that it is important to present a convincing argument for your wishes with regard to complex assets. It may be a priority to define certain properties as separate during this phase. A prenuptial agreement may also play a significant role in determining how marital assets are to be divided.

If you are facing challenges related to high-value or complex assets in a divorce case, reliable accounting and legal understanding is important so that appropriate arguments can be made in relationship to certain marital properties. Our lawyers are experienced in these matters, and we can help you work towards a satisfactory solution. For further information, you are invited to visit our page on complex property division.

Source: Law offices of David M. Gabriel and associates, “Beverly Complex Property Division Lawyer“, December 02, 2014

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