Divorce in Massachusetts for same-sex couples

Massachusetts has recognized same-sex marriage for a decade. With marriage comes the possibility of divorce. Divorce and ending domestic partnerships can be difficult and complex undertakings for anyone, but this is especially true for same-sex couples because the law has not always been clear on the rights of these individuals. Still, couples in same-sex relationships have many of the same concerns as their different sex counterparts, including property division, handling of debt, issues of alimony and tax considerations.

Another frequent source of concern for married couples or those in domestic partnerships is how to handle issues related to children that resulted from the relationship. Visitation and child support can be contentious matters, and that is the case even when a couple was married when the child was born or adopted.

If a couple had a serious relationship that resulted in a child or children, but the couple never married, this can make determining support, custody and visitation even more complex. The good news is that unmarried couples with children have become increasingly common in the last 50 years, so there are far greater options for non-married parents who want to continue relationships with their children.

If you are considering a divorce or terminating your relationship with the parent of your child, a variety of legal considerations needs to be accounted for. Many of these issues can be decided out of the courtroom, but however they are determined, understanding the law can be beneficial to obtaining an equitable outcome. For more information about what is involved in a divorce or ending a domestic partnership, visit our page for same-sex couples.

Source: Law Offices of David M. Gabriel and Associates, “Peabody Divorce Lawyer“, October 23, 2014

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