Massachusetts hopes gay marriage rights will spread

Going through a divorce can be difficult for any couple that wishes to no longer be married. The process can at times be drawn-out and stressful, depending on the circumstances of the situation. For individuals involved in a gay marriage situation, their wish to divorce can become even more difficult if they live in a state where their marriage is not recognized as legal.

Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, and now, representatives in the state hope to keep the pro-gay marriage movement going. A brief was recently filed with the United States Supreme Court, in hopes that the court system will look at several cases regarding whether state bans on same-sex marriage should be considered unconstitutional. Many individuals who are advocating that same-sex marriage be legalized in other areas argue that not allowing the marriages is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

It was also reported that the legalization of the unions in Massachusetts has had a beneficial impact on families and marriage itself. Unfortunately, individuals who live and marry in the state may feel that they are unable to move to certain other states due to same-sex marriage not being legal in those areas. Should they move to one of those states, they may be unable to qualify for certain benefits or even be unable to divorce if they should wish to do so.

Though same-sex couples in Massachusetts have the ability to legally participate in gay marriage, the topic of other states overturning the ban may continue to be of interest to them. In the meantime, individuals living in the state who believe that divorce may be right for them should have the ability to go through the process. Information on such proceedings in the state may be able to help parties make more knowledgeable decisions regarding their situation.

Source:, “Massachusetts files pro-gay marriage court brief“, , Sept. 4, 2014

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