Shared custody could be an option for Massachusetts parents

For some Massachusetts parents, the idea of gaining custody in the event of a divorce could be one of their goals. However, it is important to examine the situation and understand what a difficult custody fight could put the parents and children through. By being more knowledgeable about what child custody proceedings entail, some parents may be better apt to decide whether shared custody could be right for their situation.

As with all custody proceedings, the well-being of the children should be the top priority. While some parents may believe that fighting for sole custody could be in the best interests of the children, they may want to ask themselves if their children are ready to go through the legal process. Children may be interviewed by professionals during the custody process in order for those professionals to gain an idea about the living situation. This could potentially put children in stressful and otherwise uncomfortable positions.

By allowing a third party to make the decisions regarding custody, parents must be ready to contend with the arrangements that a judge may consider adequate for the situation. This could potentially lead to both parties feeling unhappy about the arrangements. However, if parents are able to work together, they may be able to come to agreeable terms regarding the custody and visitation of their children.

It is true that shared custody may not be a feasible option for all situations. Therefore, parents should take the time to consider their circumstances and how the impact of their decisions will affect their children. If parents would like more information on child custody proceedings in Massachusetts, utilizing local resources could help them during their decision-making process.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorcing Parents: 10 Questions to Ask Before Fighting Over the Kids“, Rosalind Sedacca, July 21, 2014

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