Property division discussions could help Massachusetts couples

When Massachusetts couples are planning their weddings, the idea of also planning for their divorce may not be on their minds. However, taking some precautions before a marriage could ease the process if a divorce does take place in the future. Property division can be a difficult process to work through, but if couples consider signing a prenuptial agreement, issues concerning assets may be less likely.

By discussing a prenuptial agreement before marriage, an open line of communication about serious issues can already be established. As a result, the couple may feel more comfortable discussing other issues in the future, which could allow them to potentially have a stronger marriage. This discussion can also help a couple learn more about the other’s financial state of affairs and if there are any serious issues that need to be addressed before their accounts are joined.

Because individuals are often opting to settle into careers and homeownership before marriage, there may be some assets that the parties would like to protect. A prenuptial agreement could protect certain property that an individual acquired before marriage and hopes to retain in the event of separation. By coming to these terms before marriage, preparation can be had for a situation that may not arise but that they will nonetheless be able to navigate more smoothly on the chance that it does come about.

As mentioned, discussing divorce while planning a marriage may be unseemly to some, but it could also help potentially strengthen a marriage. Discussing a prenuptial agreement will allow couples to communicate openly while also learning what they need to know about the other’s finances. If a couple would like to plan for potential property division, information on creating a prenuptial agreement in Massachusetts could be a good starting point.

Source:, “3 Reasons to Get a Prenuptial Agreement“, Tiffany Patterson, May 16, 2014

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