Celebrity alimony issues may interest Massachusetts residents

Most Massachusetts residents know that going through a divorce does not necessarily mean that a person will never have to associate with their ex-spouse again. If the couple had children, they will likely have to interact for custody purposes, and alimony payments can also keep a former couple’s life connected. Even celebrities cannot simply cut a spouse out of their lives.

Singer Marc Anthony is having issues with his ex-wife Dayanara Torres as she is attempting to have the alimony payments she receives increased. She believes that the $13,000 a month that Anthony pays to her should be increased to $113,000 for further care of their two children. She also claims that Anthony pays more alimony to Jennifer Lopez, with whom he also has two children.

Anthony does not believe that his children need more money than he is already providing. He also states that he does not make as much money as his former wife seems to believe. On the subject of Jennifer Lopez and her children, Anthony claims that he does not pay alimony to her children.

Though celebrity alimony cases can differ in some aspects from former couples in Massachusetts having such issues, there can also be some similarities. Individuals on either side of the situation may feel that alimony adjustments may be necessary for their situation. If this is the case, information on how to go about seeking such adjustments may allow concerned parties to discover how they should proceed with requesting an increase or decrease in their payments.

Source: Latinos Post, “Marc Anthony Legal Dispute News: ‘I’m Not as Rich as She Says’ He Assures in Regards to Alimony Increase to Ex-Wife Dayanara Torres“, Jorge Calvillo, May 8, 2014

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