Property division requires cool heads, careful choices

Every Massachusetts spouse who goes through a divorce will have to navigate the process of dividing marital assets. This can be a difficult process, especially in cases in which the family holds assets that are complex and varied. However, even relatively “simple” divorce cases involve property division, and the choices made during this stage of a divorce can have a lasting impact on the financial health of all involved.

One tip for avoiding unnecessary losses during property division is to approach the process with a calm, business-like approach. While it can be difficult to remove one’s emotions from the mix, this is exactly what is called for in order to achieve the most favorable outcome. Decisions that are made while under stress or feeling pressured are virtually never the best available options. Spouses should make every effort to begin and complete the property division process with a clear head and an eye toward the future.

One way to assist in this goal is to avoid unnecessary contact with one’s soon-to-be-ex during this stage of the divorce. While there may need to be some level of contact, especially for those who share children, there are ways to minimize the interaction one has with their spouse, at least in the short term. Friends and family can help with transferring the kids between homes. Some spouses find it helpful to limit communications to email during this timeframe.

Massachusetts spouses should keep in mind that divorce is a relatively brief period of time in one’s life. While it may be challenging and test one’s emotional strength, divorce will also bring a new start, and a chance to rebuild one’s life under their own terms. The outcome of the property division process can greatly aid in those goals, and deserves careful and balanced consideration.

Source: YourTango, How To Untangle Divorce Costs For Financial Freedom, Stuart Fensterheim, Oct. 22, 2013

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