Social media could affect high net-worth divorce in Massachusetts

Massachusetts residents going through a high net-worth divorce may not realize the impact the use of social media can have on the outcome of their divorce. Most people use at least one form of social media without realizing the repercussions it could have. A recent article that discussed social media outlets and the surprising ways they can impact a divorce settlement may be of special interest to those facing a high net-worth divorce.

One of the things the article pointed out is that couples typically have mutual friends that will feel forced to choose one person’s side. Therefore, anything posted on a social media outlet, such as Twitter or Facebook can easily be relayed to the other party in the divorce. This can be an issue if one person is posting pictures of expensive trips or things about their spending habits if they’re trying to hide some of their assets during the divorce process.

Other forms of communication including emails and text messages could also potentially be subpoenaed in court. Therefore, a person may want to keep in mind that anything they type, send, or post can be used against them. The article suggests a person doesn’t say anything they wouldn’t announce to the entire world. If the husband has a girlfriend he is providing for financially, and there is any evidence of that, it can be used in court.

A high net-worth divorce can be a complicated situation that can be made a little easier by having an understanding of the applicable laws. Massachusetts residents facing this situation could find comfort in arming themselves with the appropriate knowledge needed to move forward with any necessary action. Knowing one’s rights can help a person be more confident a positive outcome will be achieved.

Source: Forbes, How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce, Jeff Landers, Aug. 20, 2013

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