Alimony discussion important for many ending marriage

Massachusetts couples who have started or are contemplating divorce proceedings have many things to take into consideration, especially in regard to a request for alimony. Many divorce decisions must be made which factor into every single facet of life — from living arrangements to daily budgets. It is also important to gauge whether alimony may be necessary for the maintenance of that budget. How to live on a single income becomes a significant factor to consider.

Finalizing a divorce does not always end all ties between two people, especially if a financial arrangement is necessary during the dissolution of a marriage. Alimony is often paid to an ex-spouse for a certain amount of time as ordered by the court. This income can be a necessity to a person who did not work during a marriage. Those who need time to prepare for reentering the work force or for those unable to work due to childcare responsibilities or other reasons may have a need for alimony.

Divorce can be financially and emotionally draining. Some couples are able to deal with the stress with little to no intervention from outside sources. However, dealing with custody issues, dividing assets, alimony disputes and other difficult issues can make the process of ending a marriage seem long and difficult.

For those in Massachusetts that are confronting these important issues, court proceedings may be necessary in those situations where the parties cannot come to an agreement among themselves. Many couples are not able to agree on an alimony amount that they both agree is fair. A court can resolve this matter by focusing on the financial details of a couple’s life together in order to determine an appropriate resolution regarding any claim for alimony.

Source: Fox Business, “How to Financially Readjust for Post-Divorce Life,” Andrea Murad, Aug. 2, 2013

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