Will property division tarnish amicable celebrity divorce?

Celebrity couple Courtney Cox and Davis Arquette has filed for divorce. The couple has been married since 1999, but separated two years ago. Despite at least one attempt to reconcile, the marriage seems destined to dissolve through the requisite court procedures. Massachusetts residents will remember the actress from her role on the hit show “Friends.” The attractive couple has long received a great deal of media attention, which will likely not abate as they work out issues of child custody and property division in divorce court.

What makes this celebrity divorce unique is the lack of acrimony between the parties. Cox and Arquette have spoken kindly of one another throughout their separation, and have appeared together at multiple events. They have asserted that they are, and will remain “best friends.”

The two filed their divorce papers on the same day, June 8, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the filing. They are also pursuing joint legal and physical custody of their 8-year-old daughter, and are committed to raising her together. At the present time, neither party has retained an attorney; they are planning to represent themselves during the court proceedings.

Massachusetts fans of the couple will no doubt watch this divorce as it unfolds. Many are hoping that the courtesy and grace with which the two have handled their split will continue. However, even what could be considered a simple divorce proceeding can become contentious. In a case involving spouses with high net worth it becomes even more difficult to work through the details of property division without some level of dispute.

Source: abc2news.com, “Cox, Arquette on same page in divorce,” Tomika Anderson, June 14, 2012

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