Michael Jackson’s bodyguard asserts paternity claims over his son

For Massachusetts fathers, one of their most powerful means they can have to assert their parental rights is through paternity claims. Once initiated, an investigation whether the paternity claim is true can commence. If the claims are corroborated, this can allow for child custody changes or visitation to be modified accordingly so that the father can then share in his child’s life, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.

The power of these claims can especially be seen in a new development in which a former bodyguard of Michael Jackson has stepped up and asserted paternity claims for one of Michael Jackson’s sons.

The bodyguard claims that he is biological father of Blanket, Michael Jackson’s youngest son, and he would like to have visitation rights. In particular, he would like his terminally ill mother to be able to meet her alleged grandson before she dies.

The bodyguard claims that he donated sperm for Michael Jackson to use when Michael Jackson expressed interest for an athletic child. Later, when the bodyguard met with Michael Jackson, the bodyguard asked whose child the boy was, and Jackson purportedly admitted that the sperm he used for the child was the bodyguard’s.

The Jackson family, understandably, are wary of the claim. The bodyguard claims that he has no financial incentive for the child because he states he is already financially successful and that he doesn’t want anything but visitation rights with Blanket. He will provide his DNA for a paternity test and ask for visitation from the Jackson family through the courts.

While it remains to be seen what eventually happens in this instance, it is hoped that there will be a simple resolution that is truly in the best interests of the young boy.

Source: Christian Post, “Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard Claims He’s Blanket’s Biological Father,” Benge Nsenduluka, April 26, 2012

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