Drawn-out, contentious high net-worth divorce finally settled

A high net-worth divorce case can be one of the most complicated cases for Massachusetts couples. In some cases, there are things which a partner is willing to part with easily. However, when the assets to be divided are substantial, as is the case for one couple, a high net-worth divorce case can quickly become more complicated and can take more time to determine the particulars.

The couple was married for 15 years before deciding to split. After filing a divorce petition in October 2007, they began to confront the division of their assets they accrued over their marriage. In total, they had an estimated $71 million in assets.

At first, it seemed as if separation, though not an easy task, would be relatively straight-forward. However, as the couple continued negotiating, they encountered certain problems. For instance, several allegations surfaced that the wife allegedly had an affair and purportedly was involved in illegal investigations. However, these and other issues were apparently resolved in a settlement, and it is said that the divorce will finally move forward. By April 2012, they had successfully split $46 million, or 70 percent of their assets and are currently discussing lingering money disputes.

High net-worth divorce cases can be emotionally draining and understandably expensive for any couple, whether in Massachusetts or elsewhere. For those involved, an attempt to openly communicate with one another may pay dividends by reaching a reasonable settlement of all outstanding issues. In this way, even though the decision may be difficult to face, both spouses may be able to get through the hardest part of divorce as they move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, “Ex-Yahoo president, husband settle bitter divorce case,” Gary Klien, April 22, 2012

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