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Non-traditional Families

Non-traditional Families

To David Gabriel from divorce client: I’m not sure how to thank you for your kindness, legal guidance, friendship, & humor but no other person could fill your shoes! With much gratitude.

North Andover

I needed the honest and straight forward advice of an attorney. Your carefully advised me of my options and then represented me in a very professional and aggressive manner, resulting in the best outcome I could have hoped for in my situation.

Beverly, Massachusetts

He had uncanny insight in knowing what information had to be sought after. He never allowed the other party to waste my time or money. His diligence, persistence and thoroughness not only won me my case, but more than I ever expected.

Donna T. Waltham

Your excellent legal representation saved Josephs life. People often joke about lawyers and refer to them in cruel ways. Its too bad because you are such an exceptional human being. Thank you!

Lisa & Joseph
Peabody, MA

I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the professional, yet down-to-earth manner in which you recently represented me. You answered all of my questions both thoroughly and truthfully.

Peabody, MA

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Handling Same Sex Marriage Concerns and Domestic Partnership Agreements

Many issues arise when non-traditional couples, including same sex and unmarried couples decide to separate or divorce. Like their more traditional husband and wife counterparts, same sex or unmarried couples share concerns of property division, parental rights, child custody and more.

We welcome clients from non-traditional lifestyles. Drawing upon our experience of more than 25 years as a family law attorneys,  we provide divorce representation to same sex couples and establish and dissolve cohabitation and domestic partnership agreements.

Divorce for Same Sex Couples in Massachusetts

In 2004, the state of Massachusetts began to recognize gay marriage – the right of same sex couples to marry. As with any marriage comes the potential for divorce. At our firm, we see all couples, regardless of sex, as equals when it comes to the dissolution of marriage. We recognize that non-traditional couples face concerns involving:

Representation for Unmarried Parents

Times have changed greatly in the last 50 years. Unmarried parents, once considered taboo, are now a widely accepted part of today’s society. When a child’s parents decide to end their romantic relationship, it may be necessary to work out child custody and visitation agreements as well as child support orders. We are readily available to assist single parents in protecting their parental rights and the best interests of their children.

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