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High Net Worth Divorce Cases

Divorce can be difficult and contentious, regardless of the assets and property involved. When there are substantial assets subject to division, however, the associated problems are often magnified.

Our attorneys are experienced high-asset divorce attorneys. We are skilled at finding resolutions that protect our clients’ interests in even the most acrimonious and complicated high net worth divorces.

It is our goal that your case be resolved efficiently and quickly, but if litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys will aggressively defend your rights at trial. Attorney David Gabriel is well-known and respected among peers, judges and court personnel in area courts.

Asset and Retirement Division of Property

We are skilled at handling all aspects of a high-asset divorce, including

As part of seeking an equitable divorce settlement that protects and preserves the value of your assets and property, our divorce attorneys will work closely with financial experts, forensic accountants and other appropriate specialists to obtain the best information available.

We can also help with developing prenuptial agreements that are often advisable in situations involving substantial wealth of one or both future spouses.

Cost-Effective, Compassionate Services

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer service and compassionate support during this difficult time, at a reasonable cost.

Contact our attorneys to discuss retirement division and division of other complex property including investments in your divorce. We have law offices in Beverly, Salem, and Burlington, Massachusetts and server the Boston North Shore region including Essex County and Middlesex County.

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