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Complaints for Contempt Actions

What are your options when your former spouse doesn’t follow the terms of your divorce decree? If an ex-spouse or the other parent of child is in violation of a clear and unequivocal court order, they are considered in contempt of court. Our lawyers will take action if the other party is not paying child support or alimony, interfering with visitation rights, or otherwise ignoring the terms of a court-approved agreement.

We have practiced family law in Massachusetts since 1985, with significant experience in contempt of court proceedings. We represent custodial or non-custodial parents in family law related all contempt actions.

Enforcement Actions (Contempt of Court) for Failing to Pay Child Support or Alimony

Our lawyers can help you file a complaint and compel compliance for:

  • Failing to pay child support or alimony
  • Refusing to allow visitation
  • Willfully violating the approved parenting schedule
  • Failing to pay health insurance premiums or notify an ex that health coverage was terminated
  • Failing to comply with any terms or stipulations of an order or judgment of the court pertaining to custody or financial support
  • Failing to comply with property division provision of the divorce decree

After filing the complaint, we will seek an order enforcing the judgment, as well as an order that the other party pay your attorney fees. The court takes these cases seriously, authorizing wage garnishment, liens on property or bank accounts, and as a last resort, jailing the disobedient party to coerce compliance.

If the other party has moved out of Massachusetts, he or she is not beyond the reach of the law. Under the Reciprocal Support of Enforcement Act, you can record the judgment in any state and pursue past-due child support.

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