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August 2015 Archives

Fighting for a divorce from a narcissist

Being married to a narcissist can be an incredibly difficult relationship. This is more than just someone who likes to look in the mirror a lot. True narcissism is a personality disorder, and it afflicts more than 10 percent of all Americans, including many in Massachusetts. While the relationship itself is hard, trying to get a fair and equitable divorce from a narcissist can sometimes feel downright impossible.

How adultery affects property division

One of the biggest news stories in the past few weeks has been the unfolding story of the hack of Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is a site on which married individuals can find someone with which they can have an affair. Though adultery is not illegal, it is typically regarded as a terrible act. With the hack, about 37 million people have been exposed as cheaters, including many in Massachusetts.

Pets and property division

In a Massachusetts divorce proceeding, property is divided equitably, based on each partner’s income and other factors. One piece of property is often overlooked, though: your pets. Of course, thinking of your pets as property may feel as terrible as putting your children in the same category. They are part of the family, after all. The courts understand this, and have created a sort of mixture of property division and custody when it comes to your dog, cat or other animal.

Massachusetts considering fathers’ rights statute revision

The Massachusetts State House recently heard testimony after testimony from teary-eyed fathers, pleading their case for change in the statutes that dictate shared custody, visitation and other child custody rights. The current proposed bill would push for shared parenting more than one parent over the other having sole custody. Massachusetts is one of about 20 states considering these kinds of laws.