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February 2015 Archives

Virtual visitation in Massachusetts

Some parents may have questions about virtual visitation, especially if it is presented as an option during child custody determinations. Virtual visitation often appeals to non-custodial parents who see it as a way to maintain frequent contact with their children between visits. However, many parents have misgivings about it, particularly if they believe custodial parents are using it as an alternative to traditional visitation.

Complex property division in Massachusetts divorce cases

The issue of property division often becomes contentious in Massachusetts divorce cases, and this is especially true when the assets involved are significant. Assets such as stock portfolios, artwork and real estate are often difficult to divide equitably, and sometimes reaching an understanding regarding their value is challenging. Experts may be called upon to assist with such valuations, but even experts sometimes find an agreement elusive.

Financial considerations when a marriage ends

Many marriages in Massachusetts and across the nation end in divorce, and an individual should be prepared if they believe they are headed toward dissolving their marriage. If the couple has not established a prenuptial agreement, each person might consider hiring a financial advisor before they sign the divorce decree.

Impact of property and debt division on credit

As a part of the property settlement in a Massachusetts divorce, the debts the couple have will also be divided in the divorce decree. When a debt is allocated to a spouse who fails to pay or pays late, the credit of the other spouse, if the debt was one that was held jointly, may be negatively impacted despite the order.