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January 2015 Archives

How incidents of abuse can affect child custody cases

A parent in Massachusetts who has been violent towards their child or the other parent usually cannot get custody of their child. However, this rule is not set in stone, and a parent may be able to get child custody or visitation after an act of violence if they can show that it is in the best interests of the child.

Establishing paternity for unmarried parents

A parent in Massachusetts might want to establish paternity for several reasons. It is important to note that parents have the same legal obligations and rights whether or not they are married. For example, both parents have the right to shared custody or visitation with their children. The parent that has primary physical custody of a child also has the right to receive financial support for the child. Likewise, the parent who does not have primary physical custody has the legal obligation to provide financial and medical support for his or her child.

The tax filing implications of divorce

Divorcing couples in Massachusetts must take the time to work through their assets and determine how the property will be divided. In addition to deciding what will be done with the family home, couples must also take time to review how income taxes will be handled. This is particularly important if there are minor children who can be claimed as deductions.

The issues that stock options present in a divorce

Massachusetts residents who are contemplating a divorce may be interested in one issue that often accompanies the process. When a couple spits up, certain types of stock owned by one of the parties may present problems that others do not.