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August 2014 Archives

Massachusetts property division could involve pet ownership

Massachusetts pet owners know that animals can, at times, feel like their children. Individuals may care for their pets much like they would care for children, from sending them to day care to buying them clothing. Unfortunately, in the eyes of most court systems, pets are considered property and, in the event of a divorce, pets may come under the jurisdiction of the property division processes.

Equitable distribution and property division in divorce

One of the hardest aspects of divorce is the division of property between two spouses and understanding equitable distribution. Finances are often one of the major points of contention in a marriage, and this can carry over into the divorce process. It is beneficial for Massachusetts couples to understand equitable distribution and how this will affect their divorce process.

School schedules could affect shared custody in Massachusetts

For some Massachusetts parents, back-to-school time can mean searching for new school supplies and ensuring that their children wake up on time. For divorced parents, the new school year can mean reworking schedules and ensuring that shared custody agreements are still being upheld. This time can be a stressful one for parents, but it can also lead to children feeling strained if their parents lack consistency.

Discussing property division before remarriage may be beneficial

For some Massachusetts residents, their first marriage may have ended up being more of a learning experience rather than the happily ever after that they had hoped for. It is not unusual for individuals to go through more than one marriage in their lifetime, and as they move into their next marriage, they may take lessons regarding divorce with them. Creating certain documents and discussing finances before marriage could help with property division should another divorce come about.

High net-worth divorce could affect Massachusetts residents

Preparing for a situation that Massachusetts residents believe will be emotionally taxing may be difficult. High net-worth divorce could be one of those situations as the parties involved may feel that their lifestyle will be greatly affected by separation. Therefore, individuals may wish to ensure that they focus on the proceedings as clearly as possible in order to be better able to prepare for their future.