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July 2014 Archives

Shared custody could be an option for Massachusetts parents

For some Massachusetts parents, the idea of gaining custody in the event of a divorce could be one of their goals. However, it is important to examine the situation and understand what a difficult custody fight could put the parents and children through. By being more knowledgeable about what child custody proceedings entail, some parents may be better apt to decide whether shared custody could be right for their situation.

Alimony could affect prenuptial agreements in Massachusetts

Before a Massachusetts couple gets married, they may draw up a prenuptial agreement that would discuss many of the aspects of what would take place if the couple got a divorce. Property division and alimony are often brought up when making such an agreement in order to understand what each party may be entitled to in the event of a separation. However, there may be situations in which the prenup may be disregarded.

Social media use may lead to divorce and property division

People in Massachusetts get divorced for a plethora of reasons, including financial disagreements. When people are fighting over asset distribution and property division, they may quickly turn to social networking sites to publicly share their feelings and find emotional support. However, according to research, this same outlet that divorcing people sometimes use to vent may be the very thing that caused them to get a divorce in the first place.

Massachusetts kids could handle shared custody well

Learning that their parents are going to divorce can have a great impact on Massachusetts children. They may have many different questions about the circumstances and be uncertain as to what it means for their living situation, especially if parents have shared custody. Child custody proceedings can, at times, be difficult for children and parents alike, and it is important that the situation is handled with sensitivity in order to ensure that the best interests of the children are being considered.