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June 2014 Archives

Financial documents could help Massachusetts alimony proceedings

Going through divorce can be financially trying for the Massachusetts parties involved. There are, at times, many fees that come along with the proceedings, and individuals may also need to determine how they are going to handle their household finances once they are no longer married. In many cases, this could mean that alimony is paid from one spouse to the other to help supplement their income.

Massachusetts fathers may wish to seek shared custody

It is an unfortunate situation when children become tools for parents to use against each other when they are going through divorce. When this occurs, the children are more likely to be negatively affected than the other parent. Therefore, seeking shared custody of children may be the most beneficial route. However, Massachusetts parents must be willing to work together.

Beyond equitable distribution: the financial impact of divorce

When facing a divorce, a Massachusetts couple will likely consider equitable distribution of things, such as which spouse will keep the house, child custody and spousal support. However, there is much more to the divorce process than just equitable distribution of 

Financial aspects of property division should be considered

The financial repercussions of divorce in Massachusetts can affect all parties going through the process. Fees and other expenses related to the proceedings can at times be burdening for some parties, but the monetary implications do not end there. Property division decisions can continue to affect individuals’ finances after the agreements have been made and the ownership of assets determined.