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May 2014 Archives

Property division discussions could help Massachusetts couples

When Massachusetts couples are planning their weddings, the idea of also planning for their divorce may not be on their minds. However, taking some precautions before a marriage could ease the process if a divorce does take place in the future. Property division can be a difficult process to work through, but if couples consider signing a prenuptial agreement, issues concerning assets may be less likely.

Father's rights may still be a concern for some in Massachusetts

Fathers can create a strong bond with their children, and many fathers hope to remain an important part of their lives even after they do not need direct care. However, when it comes to child custody in Massachusetts, some parties may feel that a father's rights need more attention. Recent cases have brought the issue of potential difficulties that fathers have in gaining custody of their children.

Divorcing Massachusetts residents should examine financial needs

Because couples in Massachusetts are not immune to potentially going through divorce, it is important to understand what separation could mean if such a decision is made. Financial needs will differ after a couple separates, and there will be many agreements that will need to be made in terms of alimony and other aspects. As a result, it is important for parties to understand their financial situation before divorce takes place.

Celebrity alimony issues may interest Massachusetts residents

Most Massachusetts residents know that going through a divorce does not necessarily mean that a person will never have to associate with their ex-spouse again. If the couple had children, they will likely have to interact for custody purposes, and alimony payments can also keep a former couple's life connected. Even celebrities cannot simply cut a spouse out of their lives.

Shared custody may be best for Massachusetts children

In decades past, child custody after divorce has almost always been the same. One parent is awarded physical custody of any children involved, and the other receives visitation. A new bill in Massachusetts seeks to sweep the old model of custody rights away in lieu of a more equitable shared custody plan.