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April 2014 Archives

Court issues ruling for complex property division case

Fortunately, many Massachusetts couples are able to reach an agreement on their own as an alternative to prolonged litigation and court involvement. However, divorce can often produce such intense feelings of hurt and anger, which causes feuding during the litigation process. As one couple discovered, warring through litigation can be expensive, but it can also affect the amount awarded during property division.

Stricter divorce laws may cause conflict

Since the beginning of the battle of same-sex marriages, it was often said by Massachusetts same-sex couples that traditionalists should focus more on lowering the rates heterosexual divorce, rather than prevent same sex-couples from marrying. It now appears that traditionalists are doing just that in some states. Many often think that once a marriage is emotionally over, it will be no issue to divorce, but lawmakers may be trying to now prevent that.

Former Massachusetts couple fighting for same-sex couples rights

A same-sex couple that used to live in Massachusetts is struggling to get divorced in another state. It is not yet clear if they will succeed, and they find themselves fighting for the basic right to divorce. The proceedings that are taking place in a southeastern state underscore the ongoing struggles for same-sex couples rights.

Proposed bill prohibits dating while residing in marital property

When married couples decide to terminate their marriage, there is always a lot to consider, such as who will be the one to move out of the current residence. In many cases, one of the spouses will remain in the home during the divorce process, until the division of all marital property has been decided. It is not uncommon for individuals entering a new relationship before the divorce is finalized, unfortunately a recent bill that has been proposed in Massachusetts, may prohibit the couple from conducting their relationship while the marital home.