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March 2014 Archives

Cohabitation could affect Massachusetts alimony payments

After a divorce, it is not unlikely that a Massachusetts resident may have to pay spousal support to their ex-spouse. Alimony is often rewarded to parties who may be the most negatively affected by a divorce situation. However, there are certain issues that could arise that could lead to the end of alimony payments for certain individuals.

Judge threatens to have child testify in fight for shared custody

Massachusetts readers of this blog may be interested to learn of a recent custody battle in another state. The father of a 4-year-old boy who is fighting with his estranged wife for shared custody was told to settle his issues or face the consequences. If the two can't reach an agreement, the little boy they're arguing over will have to testify in court.

Terrell Owens' wife seeking alimony after 72 hour marriage

Massachusetts readers of this blog may be interested in recent developments surrounding the divorce of Terrell Owens. The former NFL player's wife is claiming she needs alimony to maintain the lifestyle to which she grew accustomed during the time the two were married. She neglects to mention that the marriage lasted only about 72 hours.

Determining property division in Massachusetts divorces

No matter how you slice it, divorce is typically abounding with emotion. Dividing one life back into two can simply be a mentally draining process. Massachusetts couples, like couples all across the country, just want to make sure they will be financially prepared for their new separate lives. For many, this requires careful negotiation and knowledge of applicable laws during the property division phase of a divorce.