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February 2014 Archives

Divorce tips for same-sex Massachusetts couples with kids

For same-sex couples who are contemplating a break-up, there are often multiple issues with which they must deal. If children are a part of the equation, the situation can become even more complex. Below are tips to make divorce a little easier for these couples in Massachusetts.

Actor Jason Patric battles for father's rights

Massachusetts readers may be interested in actor Jason Patric's battle for the right to be a constant presence in the life of his 4-year-old son. In a custody fight turned ugly, Patric says he doesn't want to be just a sperm donor. He wants full father's rights as a co-parent and is willing to go to court to make it happen.

Major victory achieved for same-sex couples rights

Recent current events are exemplified in the Bob Dylan song, The Times They Are a-Changin'. Gay couples in Massachusetts and the rest of the nation just achieved a major victory on a federal level. Officials with the attorney general's office announced a change to same-sex couples rights that will affect many areas of their lives.

Judge assigns alimony, debt after Facebook request is denied

Facebook can be a fun way to keep up with what friends and family are doing. It is a popular social media site in Massachusetts and across the country. A woman recently found out just how widespread its influence was when the judge in her divorce case allegedly used it as a way to determine alimony and debt repayment.