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January 2014 Archives

Father's rights argued in custody battle over daughter

Massachusetts fathers may be interested in the details of a custody battle currently happening in a southeastern state. A man there is fighting a local adoption agency to regain his father's rights and win custody of his young child. The 3-year-old girl is currently living in Massachusetts with the people who are hoping to adopt her once the case is resolved.

Actress Hillary Duff agrees to shared custody with ex-husband

Most parents, regardless of gender or what they do for a living, want the best for their offspring. Fame does not change that, whether a person works in Hollywood or Massachusetts. If the couple can agree on the terms, shared custody can often be the ideal way to raise any children they might have.

Non-traditional couples in Massachusetts offered USAA insurance

Affordable, reliable insurance can be difficult to acquire in Massachusetts and elsewhere and, as such, is a benefit that is worth fighting for. Widows and widowers who were in legally-recognized, same-sex relationships that have not remarried will now have the option of continuing insurance coverage from the United States Services Automobile Association. Divorced non-traditional couples that remain unmarried will also have access to the same benefits, according to the agreement.

Property division options for a Massachusetts divorce

For residents of Massachusetts who are facing divorce, a subject that is always raised is property division. It can be confusing when deciding who gets what involves the dwelling where the spouses have lived while they were married. There are several options on the property division path that can be taken, depending on the particular situation of the couple.

Massachusetts spouses: How to know when it is time to divorce

When a Massachusetts relationship has become strained, both parties often want to make a change. Deciding how to move forward, however, can be a bit of a challenge. In many cases, spouses are unsure whether to spend the time and energy trying to repair the marriage, or simply move forward with a divorce. The following tips are offered in the hopes of making those decisions easier to reach.