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December 2013 Archives

So-called pet custody case settled during gay divorce

Massachusetts readers may have heard of an unusual case centered on the struggle over the care and custody of a shared pet. The dog, a miniature dachshund named Joey, was a pet in the home of a gay couple. When the two women decided to divorce, "custody" of Joey became a central issue. The judge presiding over the divorce agreed to schedule a separate hearing for the purposes of determining where Joey would reside, which marked a highly unusual approach to this form of property division.

Military divorce rates down, fathers' rights still an issue

Recently released data suggests that the rate of divorce filings among military couples has decreased in 2013. According to newly reported Defense Department data, divorce rates have fallen one tenth of a percent. However, divorce among families of enlisted service members still outpaces that of officers. The overall decrease in divorce filings is great news for Massachusetts military families. However, for parents who decide to end their marriage, fathers' rights concerns are particularly troublesome for men in the military.

Discussing spousal support and child support with an attorney

When a Massachusetts marriage ends in divorce, the financial fallout can lead to a drastic shift in budgeting and financial stability for both sides. Child support and spousal support are among the most pressing concerns for many. Regardless of whether an individual expects to pay or receive either form of financial support, the way that the numbers will break down will have a big impact on their future financial outlook. Understanding how the payments are likely to be structured is a top priority during the early stages of a divorce.

Couples must take time to discuss finances, property division

When a Massachusetts couple decides to end their marriage, the manner in which they choose to divide their assets is often the central focus of the divorce process. However, even couples who are unmarried can find themselves in need of property division assistance. In the absence of marriage, couples who share expenses can find little guidance in the division of accumulated assets and debts, leaving many in a precarious financial position.