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November 2013 Archives

Factoring Social Security into Massachusetts property division

For Massachusetts couples who are considering a late life divorce, the financial aspects of ending their marriage have a measure of urgency that differs from that experienced by younger spouses. Older Americans simply have less time left within the workforce to recover from serious financial losses. This gives an added weight to the property division decision-making process that comes with any divorce.

A prenup can help in the division of marital property

For Massachusetts couples who are preparing to wed, the timeframe leading up to the wedding can be filled with seemingly endless tasks. Financially savvy couples will include the preparation of a prenuptial agreement within those to-do lists. While virtually every couple is aware of the benefits offered by a prenup, few realize how important it is to ensure that the contract outlining the division of marital property is written properly.

Emotional reactions to shared custody

Once a couple has gone through a Massachusetts divorce, many fathers feel as if the most difficult part of the process is behind them, and that there will be smooth sailing ahead. Unfortunately, many are surprised to find that there effects from a divorce and shared custody arrangement can linger long after the paperwork is complete, and are ill-equipped to handle the emotional reactions that they experience. It is important to recognize that there will be long-term ramifications associated with the decision to end a marriage, in order to respond in a way that meets the needs of both father and child.

High net-worth divorce: majority of Mihos assets to go to wife

When the divorce was granted on Oct. 15, the judge found that Christy Mihos, politician and businessman from Massachusetts, was a deceiving, ego-driven man. His impulsive and reckless behavior was said to have resulted in financial destruction. In the high net-worth divorce case of Christy and his wife Andrea, the court ruled that the majority of their assets go to Andrea.

Property division requires cool heads, careful choices

Every Massachusetts spouse who goes through a divorce will have to navigate the process of dividing marital assets. This can be a difficult process, especially in cases in which the family holds assets that are complex and varied. However, even relatively "simple" divorce cases involve property division, and the choices made during this stage of a divorce can have a lasting impact on the financial health of all involved.