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October 2013 Archives

Massachusetts: same-sex couples divorce could be more difficult

Same-sex couples in Massachusetts have expressed their excitement over being able to legally marry. While many have been fighting for this right for quite some time, what they may not have thought about was the divorce process. A recent article touched on some of the reasons why a same-sex couple could have a difficult time getting a divorce.

Health insurance plays into property division

Having solid health insurance coverage is an important consideration for many Massachusetts spouses who are considering filing for divorce. In most cases, spouses who are covered under their partner's employment benefits will lose that coverage once their divorce is made final. In these scenarios, it is important that the cost of obtaining new coverage plays a role in the property division portion of the divorce process.

Property division tips for Massachusetts couples

One of the most stressful aspects of a divorce is the process of dividing marital assets. This is understandable, considering that the results of the property division process will have a great deal of impact on each spouse's financial stability in the years to come. Many Massachusetts couples struggle with property division concerns, and are unsure how to proceed once the decision has been made to end the marriage.

Emotional health a serious component of father's rights

For men in Massachusetts who are struggling over child custody concerns, there is evidence to suggest that serious harm can come from failing to adequately address one's emotional needs. A recently released study took a look at the physical and mental health effects that divorce can bring. The results suggest that men in particular have reason to be concerned. Those who are engaged in a fight for father's rights should take note of this research, and make a concerted effort to get the care that they need and deserve.